1975-1987: The Oakland Sail

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    The Oakland Sail 1983-12-05
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1983-12-05) Troy, Colleen
    Kent State tragedy remembered ; Job outlook good for engineering and computer science students who plan ahead ; Lecture series continues ; Meadow Brook Hall a Christmas treat ; Seasonal tale shines ; The Day After ; Trial & error promising ; Men win one, lose one on court ; Lady Pioneers Cagers drop EMU match ; Soccer team loses semifinals ; Grapplers drop two big matches in Las Vegas ; Harrier recalls "days on the road" ; Actor dies
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-04-12
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-04-12) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Course credit change could cause controversy ; Little publicized hearings set for Tuesday; Wednesday ; Nuclear incidents are 'learning experiences' ; The 'Deep' OU style ; Repolitik plugs students into politics ; MEADOW BROOK PROJECT ; Guest Commentary Past track record clouds safety of nuclear fission ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Letters Students support this 'academic supermarket' ; In the future ; Take away 'toys' ; Congressmember motions to stop payment Dissatisfaction aired over administrator's salary ; Students Speak Out: "Do you feel the university cancelled classes later than they should have last Friday?" ; OU divers revel in a water world ; REVIEW: A Perfect C Couple is not a perfecect movie ; Pinball wizards vie for tourney awards ; ROCK'S KORNER: Academy Awards at OU; And the winner is ; Californian named as men's swim coach: Special to the Sail ; Men's golf team optimistic; weather dampens practices ; Express throws party at Dome ; Pioneer sports briefs ; Women drop 2 to Western
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-04-05
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-04-05) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Enter the world of the sublime ; Patrols reinstated; Arsonist sets fifth Van Wagoner fire ; Singer Rocks OU to the tune of 1,000 fans ; Guest Commentary Nuclear incident sparks questions for future use ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Letter Apathy threatens America's existence ; Congress tables by law decision Questions arise in fund transference ; Students Speak Out ; Fools Festival offers Delectable Creatures ; SAIL REVIEW Low comedy is superb ; Romans to jest OU ; Open league play tomorrow at home Pioneer '9' come alive after rugged start ; ROCK'S KORNER: Against my orders - but ; OU netters sweep 3 matches ; Women invade softball diamond
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-04-09
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-04-09) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Wind blows students out of dorms: Classes cancelled due to black-out ; Problems plague checkpoint system ; Poor advising costs money ; Sail Editorial OU plays tug-of-war with academic advising ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Use observatory to aid in study Stargazing students look into space ; Pro ball career just around the corner for Henry ; Pioneer netters win three more ; OU joins Tigers as weather victims ; MOVIN' OUT: Concerts ; Theatre ; Art ; Misc ; Poet fosters imagination ; SAIL REVIEW: Forum tickles OU's funnybone
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-04-01
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-04-01) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    O'Dowd wounded while leaving motel ; Students Speak Out ; Raise your GPA and 'take a prof to bed' ; Learning Skullduggery Policy shafts students ; L.S. is B.S. ; Stale Minority Responds ERA should go away Come again some other day ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Can you read? Editor gives writing tips ; Bitch-Bitch-Bitch - 'World to end tomorrow' expert says ; Point-Counterpoint Editors debate library fee ; New 'survival kit' available Saga announces new fall menu ; Need another you?: Just think of the possibilities; PUBLIC NOTICE "Clone-yourself" ; Pebbles Paragraph: Go away Corey ; Rose announces cage scandal ; STUFF SPEAKS OUT: "Do you believe in God?" ; Stale Review O'Dowd's speech: a real yawner ; Who asked you? ; Stale office searched after publishing drug picture ; TAUTS CAUGHT AGAIN! Stealing is serious guys ; 'They' actually moved at their last meeting
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-03-19
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-03-19) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Title IX creates problems for OU sports ; 'Save the seals' ; Senate rejects motion for national fraternities ; Land sale nets $100,000 Funding pledge near fulfillment ; CLB concert plans plagued by problems ; Sail Editorial Headaches grow in athletic dept. ; The Marshall Arts ; Letters Student paper? ; MBH's elegant and stately interior ; Financial aid changes will ease requirements ; Sail Review: 'Deadly Game' tries suspense ; "Stop the slaughter" rallies Greenpeace ; 'Wave' rocks Detroit ; THE MAIN GALLERY ; ON THE GRAND STAIRCASE ; MOVIN OUT: Concerts ; Theatre ; Misc ; Art
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-03-29
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-03-29) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    WHAT'S NEW WITH POT LAWS? The decriminalization struggle continues ; Most OU students favor $25 fine ; BZZZZZ! Those alarms can be alarming ; 'Ticketmongers' leave 37 Tiger fans disappointed ; Scoring down South ; Sail Viewpoints Hats off to OU artists ; Oh those baseball fans were so darn frustrated ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Letters Intrepid Souls and GDI boast nondiscrimination ; Degrading? ; Revelations of the blue briny deep ; Nova IV opens Saturday Role playing at its best ; Bookies: Escaping the '70s reality ; OU's lab houses area artifacts ; Award winning director visits OU ; OU drops five in Florida sun ; Spring '79 Training ; ROCK'S KORNER: Bubblegum cards without the chew ; Area band struggles for fame ; Last Week's Answer ; collegiate crossword ; New schedules available on Monday April 2
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-03-22
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-03-22) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    OU raises room and board rate ; Puts off decision Board balks at divestment ; Where are those vending machines? ; O'Dowd outlines future plans ; Sail Editorial ERA anniversary not much to celebrate ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Letter Public Safety defends position ; Friends of Free China OU area chapter possible ; Students Speak Out ; Experiments in ESP ; Dittus; Doyle are national champs Tankers take second at NCAA meet ; Pioneers move to Florida ; Hein lives dream ; ROCK'S: The 'Quote Machine' talks of girls and sports ; Francis plays engineer in Express win over Cosmos
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-03-26
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-03-26) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Greek letter organizations want to go national: O'Dowd requests input for decision ; Committee works to preserve OU land ; FOLK DANCES ; Protest swirls around shortage of office space Biology students seize Dodge Hall bathroom ; Sail Editorial National fraternities OK but not beneficial ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Letters Professor frustrated with OU's institutional priorities ; Lecture series does have student representation ; Phoebe Snow is a major artist ; 'Tilt' plays its way from bars to records Local rock band tries to make it big ; Phoebe Snow will sing rhythmic blues ; SAIL REVIEWS ; S.E.T. version of "Superstar" reflects new attitude; techniques ; Movie depicts nuclear doom ; Comedy is in order for Meadow Brook stage ; Southern Alabama spoils opener Pioneers receive rude awakening 15-1 ; Confidence and hard work keys for men's tennis team ; Shereda; Kramer receive honors ; GETTING READY ; MOVIN' OUT: Concerts ; Theatre ; Art ; Misc ; Palatial Meadow Brook Hall is a bygone era; Visualize a world of ease and convenience
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    The Oakland Sail 1976-02-18
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1976-02-18) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Classic Department closes ; MeadowBrook Ball planned ; Faculty to be evaluated ; ABS features Dick Gregory ; INSIDE ; Letters to the Editor ; Livingston to resign ; ADA to close in April '77 ; Covenant Players perform in Abstention ; Women's Center ; Ampersand ; Taking some work out of finding a job ; "Doc" Holladay and all that jazz ; ETCETERA ; MUSIC ; Did you find your heart? ; A comedy of manners ; ABS sponsors Dick Gregory ; Big Brothers-Big Sisters needs volunteers ; Wolverine depth pulverizes Pioneer swimmers 71-42 ; Wisconsin eagers rip OU ; IM volleyball & swimming slated ; campus calendar
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-02-22
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-02-22) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Education: more than job skills: News Analysis ; Arson suspected in 4th dorm fire ; Ferris St. routs OU; season finale Saturday ; National affiliations eyed Congress to look into frats ; Trustees OK bank construction ; Guest Commentary Carter condemned for inept action ; The Marshall Arts ; Letters Grandiose language isn't communication ; Cartoonist? ; Ideas requested There's OC money to spend ; Students Speak Out ; ROCK'S KORNER: With a little bit of spirit ; Kramer: A proven star ; Monte Clark reaffirms Lions training at OU ; Women edge Bulldogs in abbreviated contest ; Students ask: "But is it art?" Paintings splash color on campus
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-03-12
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-03-12) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Kresge Library abates book loss ; Lack of publicity blamed; Television courses hit snags ; Students asked to give ideas for OC space ; Enter and delve in the realm of medieval England; Witness MBH's picturesque architecture ; Sail Editorial: Public Safety would ease fears by talking ; The Marshall Arts ; Perspective on Israel; Hostility mounts each day ; Professor works to improve primitive teaching methods ; A night of amateurs to make you laugh Delta Lady is Detroit's 'comic shop' ; OU bows out in first round U-D captures state basketball crown ; "All Nines" win IM title ; STATE CHAMPS ; Netters open in Las Vegas ; Softball tryouts ; Women swimmers place sixth in Regional tourney ; MOVIN OUT ; Concerts ; Misc ; Theatre ; Art ; MATILDA WILSON
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-03-15
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-03-15) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Divestment recommended for OU: Congress ok's by two votes ; Ad hoc group decides yes ; ERA only assures women's legal rights ; COACH QUITS: Says happiness at OU dwindling ; Sail Editorial Trustees urged to divest S.A. stock ; The Marshall Arts ; Letters Analysis of Carter's performance - Unsupportive ; Quote twisted ; New Sail Editor selected from three applicants ; 1040 hints: shared OU workshop eases tax woes ; S.N.A.F.U. tax forms ; "Black gold; Texas tea" may be discovered at OU ; Annual Wilson Awards presented at graduation ; As speed of light approached; New star look predicted by OU profs ; Research begins at the beginning ; Women cagers rely on youth Shereda; Hewelt shine in .500 season ; ROCK'S KORNER: Cost no problem: OU athletes deserve banquet ; Gehringer golf classic scheduled for June 6: Special to the Sail ; LAST WEEK'S ANSWER ; collegiate crossword: Sponsored by The Bookcenter and CIPO ; "Superstar" brings the reality of Jesus Christ to theatre ; Organist weaves essence of Bach at OU
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-02-19
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-02-19) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Market tight for HRD grads ; Depression common in students' lives ; Vending service replaced Broken machines to get new life ; Sail editorial RA roommates: a quality decline ; The Marshall Arts ; Letters Save handicapped parking spaces ; No full rides ; OU engineers join national honor society ; From ponies to pre-schoolers: Stable serves as child center ; OU shocks Grand Valley 80-73 ; Frederick praises O'Dowd's idea for second spirit contest ; Women lose again ; 2 qualify for nationals Matmen pin third place ; Swimmers 'outclass' Wayne State 72-50 ; MOVIN' OUT ; Concerts ; Art ; Misc ; Theatre ; Speaker due Wednesday President's Club looks into quality of urban life ; GOP to pitch for youth; Freeze causes break
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-03-01
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-03-01) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Public bonding sought for COB-II ; Elevator fire in VBH stirs controversy ; March: When winter meets spring ; OU advising needs review ; Topic is Cancer OUtlook to air OU professor ; Sail Editorial Feedback helps quality of paper ; The Marshall Arts: A Visit to the Academic Advisor ; Letters Position for SEM advisor backed ; Education program defended ; LETTERS ; LAST WEEK'S ANSWER ; collegiate crossword: Sponsored by The Bookcenter and CIPO ; An evening of suspense 'The Deadly Game' opens ; Organist appears ; Men show promise for the future: Upset of Grand Valley and coaching change highlight so-so season ; IM playoff action ; Tourney at OU ; Tankers at MSU ; Art of India shown
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-02-26
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-02-26) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    After fourth Van Wagoner fire Patrols increased in OU dorm ; Future Oakland students? ; Scholarship deadline nears ; Urban issues are natural incidents says speaker ; Sail views Speakers lecture to sparse audience ; D-Day for Canteen machines ; The Marshall Arts ; Panelists cite many reasons for China's new recognition ; Letter RAs don't need help ; Israel will survive even with the large Iranian oil shortage ; 1,500 high School Seniors See OU ; OU listens to award-winning poet ; Grapplers get first All- American ; IN APPRECIATION ; Pioneers close season with 96-89 loss to NI ; OU clips U of M; aims for tourney ; MOVIN' OUT: Concerts ; Art ; Misc ; Theatre ; President's secretary does more than just type; A unique personality behind that desk ; Democratic convention: 'politics as usual': A swirl of new debates over all the old issues
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-02-01
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-02-01) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Student board created to allocate OC space CIPO to tackle office disputes ; PROFESSOR'S SHELVES ; VBH West may stay office bldg. ; O.C. party policy to be revised: Disturbance forces shift ; SAB grants short ; The Marshall Arts ; Cage coach fired ; Students Speak Out: How do you feel about Patty Hearst being pardoned by President Carter? ; Career begins as R.A. New Housing director ; Choirs learn new styles ; collegiate crossword: Sponsored by The Bookcenter and CIPO ; Ghosts lurk behind the scenes for Blithe Spirit ; 'Pioneer Sportlite' Hein 'psyches up' to win ; Cagers slip by Northwood 74-73 ; ROCK'S KORNER: Believe in yourself ; G.D.I. opens IM basketball in high style
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-02-05
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-02-05) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Campus Jobs help with tuition costs: Departments depend on student employees ; Grand Valley loses 'bidding-war' ; Sail Editorial Student offices crucial to OU ; The Marshall Arts ; Letters from our readers: Unity possible ; Comment lags ; Winter diversions at OU ; Victory brings 'bolt' to OU Cagers slip by Wayne 54-53 ; Women outrebounded Wayne wins back 'nut' ; SPORTS ; IM roundball hits the court ; Sorry for the inconvenience ; Women tankers sink NMU and Kalamazoo ; MOVIN OUT: Theatre ; Art ; Misc ; Concerts
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-02-12
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-02-12) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Field-based teaching jobs could be affected Courts; unions curtail placements ; According to athletic officials OU in compliance with Title IX ; Taking a study break ; 'Love Concert' slated Valentines; cupids and music ; Sail Editorial Rash judgments hinder OU sports ; The Marshall Arts ; Budget major roadblock WOUX requests FM band ; Kramer leads with 20 points Hillsdale snaps OU win string ; Wrestlers finish second at GLIAC championships ; Record drops to 3-4 Pioneers lose to OSU ; Spartans trounce women swimmers ; Cagers drop another ; MOVIN OUT: Concerts ; Art ; Misc ; Theatre ; Egorov delights audience
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    The Oakland Sail 1979-02-15
    (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-02-15) Oakland Sail, Inc.
    Reaccreditation plans stalled ; AHC spawns state wide organization ; Fund raising madness ; Costs rising OU undiapered needs $1,000 ; RAs could loose single rooms soon ; Guest commentary Cut costs instead of raising tuition ; The Marshall Arts ; LETTER Schools are producing automatons ; Students Speak Out: "Who is Khomeini?" ; New classes focus on women ; Center provides advice; programs ; Women at OU: A history of changes ; Septrion ; 'All or Nothing' Dorm living begins at 48 ; Soccer boom hits OU women ; Cardinals chirp over Pioneer defeat 80-76 ; ROCK'S KORNER: OU '9' face obstacles ; Women cagers upset Spartans ; Golfers needed ; IM 'Stars' undefeated ; collegiate crossword: Sponsored by The Bookcenter and CIPO ; Quality of life will stay static in China ; MEMBERS OF SPARK ; Jazz ensemble to entertain today

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