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  • Special issue on algebra and computational algebraic geometry 

    Elezi, Artur; Shaska, Tony (Albanian J. Math., 2007-12)
    Algebraic geometry is one of the main branches of modern mathematics with roots from classical Italian geometers. Its modern flavor started with Grothendieck and continued with many illustrious algebraic geometers of the ...
  • Thetanulls of cyclic curves of small genus 

    Previato, Emma; Shaska, Tony; Wijesiri, Sujeeva (Albanian J. Math., 2007-12-15)
    We study relations among the classical thetanulls of cyclic curves, namely curves $\X$ (of genus $g(\X )>1$ ) with an automorphism $\s$ such that $\s$ generates a normal subgroup of the group $G$ of automorphisms, and $g ...
  • Kalkulus I 

    Shaska, Tanush (AulonaPress, 2017-12-03)
  • Rational points in the moduli space of genus two 

    Shaska, Tony; Beshaj, Lubjana; Hidalgo, Ruben; Kruk, Serge; Malmendier, Andreas; Quispe, Saul (Contemporary Mathematics, 2018)
    We build a database of genus 2 curves defined over the field of rationals.
  • Some open problems in computational algebraic geometry. 

    Shaska, Tony (Albanian J. Math., 2007-12-15)
    The development of computational techniques in the last decade has made possible to attack some classical problems of algebraic geometry from a computational viewpoint. In this survey, we briefly describe some open ...

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