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  • Influence of peer feedback on the relations between communication, coordination, and performance in global virtual teams 

    McLarnon, Matthew J. W.; Law, Denise; O'Neill, Thomas A.; Taras, Vasyl; Donia, Magda B. L.; Steel, Piers (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, 2017-05)
    The use of virtual teams is increasing in large, multinational organizations around the globe. However, teams of this type, often referred to as global virtual teams (GVTs), are faced with numerous challenges and coordination ...
  • Introducing profiles of team conflict 

    McLarnon, Matthew J. W. (Canadian Psychological Association, 2017-06)
    There are three types of team conflict accepted in modern literature: task conflict, relationship conflict, and process conflict. Task conflict suggests differences in opinions and perspectives about the task itself. ...
  • Profiles of expressed humility in leadership 

    McLarnon, Matthew J. W. (Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, 2017-04)
    From both research and practical standpoints, the interest in expressed humility has grown substantially. This is likely associated with humility being considered as a core organizational value. In the current study, we ...
  • Trajectories of resiliency and well-being after job loss 

    McLarnon, Matthew J. W.; Rothstein, Mitchell G. (Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, 2017-04)
    It should not be surprising that losing one’s job will have profound negative effects on well-being (Wanberg, 2012). Resiliency may be one set of resources an individual can use to restore well-being after being fired. ...
  • A person-centered approach to expressed humility in leadership 

    McLarnon, Matthew J. W.; Weinhart, Justin M.; O'Neill, Thomas A.; Dumaisnil, Aidan (Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium, 2017-05)
    An emerging topic within the leadership literature is that of expressed humility, as it has been considered critical for leading during challenging circumstances (Owens, Johnson, & Mitchell, 2013). Owens et al. proposed a ...

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