The Oakland Sail 1979-04-12

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Course credit change could cause controversy ; Little publicized hearings set for Tuesday; Wednesday ; Nuclear incidents are 'learning experiences' ; The 'Deep' OU style ; Repolitik plugs students into politics ; MEADOW BROOK PROJECT ; Guest Commentary Past track record clouds safety of nuclear fission ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Letters Students support this 'academic supermarket' ; In the future ; Take away 'toys' ; Congressmember motions to stop payment Dissatisfaction aired over administrator's salary ; Students Speak Out: "Do you feel the university cancelled classes later than they should have last Friday?" ; OU divers revel in a water world ; REVIEW: A Perfect C Couple is not a perfecect movie ; Pinball wizards vie for tourney awards ; ROCK'S KORNER: Academy Awards at OU; And the winner is ; Californian named as men's swim coach: Special to the Sail ; Men's golf team optimistic; weather dampens practices ; Express throws party at Dome ; Pioneer sports briefs ; Women drop 2 to Western



Credit system, Repolitik, Oakland University. Student Organizations, Scuba club