The Oakland Sail 1983-01-24



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Theft a result of confusion ; New program adds funds for Congress ; Rats may live in Vandenberg ; Cash shortages may cause student limits ; University begins cable program ; Professors graded in contest ; EDITORIAL: NCAA gets on the right track ; Victim recalls night assault ; DIVERSIONS ; GM's future in robotics viewed at lecture ; Army grants help robotics ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Henry plays hot jazz ; Movies: Mainstage offer full season ; Abuse among couples; When love turns violent ; Court looking for volunteers: Help needed for troubled teens ; Jam may be through; but live memory lingers ; Gleason may disappoint old fans in Pryor's newest flick 'The Toy' ; Fossil exhibit hits campus ; OPEN SPACE: Psychology of commuting ; SPORTS: Pioneer swimmers take three each ; Women win two contests ; The realities of wrestling ; Wrestlers win after tough loss ; Bad luck continues; men lose two ; Bookcenter prices used to support fund ; Too many students ; Program reopens; room still available



Vandenberg Hall, Theft, Grants, Cable television, Teaching Excellence Awards, Robotics, Book centers, Economics and Management, Lowry Early Childhood Education Center