The Oakland Sail 1984-04-09

dc.contributorTroy, Colleen
dc.contributorWaters, Robert
dc.contributorBriggs-Bunting, Jane
dc.contributorWeathers, Cliff
dc.contributorSleeman, Bill
dc.contributorKing, Lorie
dc.contributorConte, Joseph
dc.contributorGeorge, David
dc.contributorKoblin, Michele
dc.contributorAshley, Merrelyn
dc.contributorArkwright, Jennifer
dc.contributorBardy, Mia
dc.contributorBeadle, Cathy
dc.contributorBiondi, Paul
dc.contributorBrudzinski, Steve
dc.contributorBudry, Gary
dc.contributorCall, David
dc.contributorDiForte-Powers, Judy
dc.contributorGill, Lori
dc.contributorHarrow, Sharon
dc.contributorHowell, Lynn
dc.contributorJordan, Mike
dc.contributorLaBaere, Joellen M.
dc.contributorLucius, Jill
dc.contributorO'Brien, Bill
dc.contributorSchlaud, Brenda
dc.contributorSimpson, Melody
dc.contributorSlaughter, Marquette
dc.contributorStanley, Dean
dc.contributorHoffman, John
dc.contributorKnoska, Emil Robert (Bob)
dc.contributorHowell, Lynn
dc.contributorLignon, James
dc.contributorManley, David
dc.contributorMcQuiston, Dean
dc.contributorSchoel, Andrea
dc.contributorShurzinske, Randy
dc.creatorOakland Sail, Inc.
dc.description.abstractAutomatic Slim rocks Mainstage with early blues ; Program offers travel for credit ; Determined student beats odds; graduates ; Dad pleads innocent in son's death ; Race; area; wealth determine college choice ; Software owner's rights battle spreads ; Engineers' job outlook brightens ; EDITORIAL: Put it to paper to make changes ; OTHER VOICES ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Club digs the past ; Mainstage band rocks away blues ; OPEN SPACE: Rock critic better suited for housewife ; Comic cop academy subject of new movie ; SPORTS: Course a switch from public links ; Local track opens season ; Freshmen to compete in Junior Olympics ; Netters easily drop Alma; 8-1 ; Computer: Living in the past 20 years ago this weeken_US
dc.publisherOakland Sail, Inc.
dc.relationThe Oakland Observer
dc.relationFocus: Oakland
dc.relationThe Oakland Post
dc.rightsUsers assume all responsibility for questions of copyright, invasion of privacy, and rights of publicity that may arise in using reproductions from the library's collections.
dc.subjectNational Student Exchangeen_US
dc.subjectKatke-Cousins Golf Courseen_US
dc.titleThe Oakland Sail 1984-04-09


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