The Oakland Sail 1979-11-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


McMahan wins as Congress president; fee increase passes ; Farm workers gaining slowly ; Native analyzes Iranian situation ; Causes of second dorm fire under investigation ; INSIDE ; Congress EA resigns over endorsement ; President of UFW continues the struggle ; Friends and staff bid 'farewell' to O'Dowd ; New building on campus gets named O'Dowd Hall ; EDITORIAL: O'Dowd leaves-but a part of him will stay with OU ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; LETTERS Paper enhances student - staff awareness ; For the Record ; Thank You ; Well planned ; Suggestions Welcome ; Senior syndrome produces anxiety ; WHAT NEXT? ; New Congressmembers elected ; Twisting play stuns audience ; Cornerstone builds Styx' reputation ; Music ; Japanese explore American culture ; books ; Springsteen is back in print ; Niven's gold enriches ; Greenfield Players' Spider bites ; Raven flies stars ; THE CALENDAR: Denotes on Campus Events EXHIBITS ; Coach inherits good team OU tankers awesome ; Le Mugs and Slashers roll on ; Rock's Korner: Out of state trips added incentive? ; Cage coach blasts media ; Coach Federick optimistic Dogfight for cage title ; Jaws clinch second IM football crown ; ETCETERA: While we're on the subject ; Wilson Awards Available ; STUDENTS SPEAK OUT ; Trivia ; Not so hard ; No reason ; Easy does it



Oakland University. Student Congress, Dorm fires, O'Dowd Hall, O'Dowd, Donald D. (Donald Davy), 1927-