The Oakland Sail 1986-04-21



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress approves $26,000 budget for spring-summer ; Change to 13 minutes between classes approved ; Student given three to 10 years for Fall '85 stabbing incident ; 1986-87 admissions expected to close early ; OU hosting global video conference for broadcast media ; LAC lobbies with representatives in Lansing ; U.S. actions against Libya draw reaction ; EDITORIAL: Pursuit of learning shouldn't stop after students leave class ; Letters to the Editor: Special interest groups don't have right to claim citizens' tax dollars ; FEATURES: Year in theater lacks best effort ; Modeling career may be in store for 'Man of Detroit' ; Mime Ensemble teaches basics of language in play ; University responds to some requests of handicapped ; Travel abroad hindered by fears of terrorism ; SPORTS PIONEER PRIDE! ; Changes dominate Pioneer sports year ; Take A Study Break ; PUZZLES ; Netters edge U-D; fall to Northwood ; Sports trivia ; Answers



Budgets, Time between classes, Handicapped accessibility