The Oakland Sail 1980-12-08

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Oakland Sail, Inc.

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


State appropriation less than '79 OU Board approves Winter tuition hike ; No help for Headlee from Gov. Milliken ; Board files for summary relief; no end in presidential search ; Next year should be better; Milliken says ; Possible budget boost may open O'Dowd Hall ; Budget cuts won't rain on roof repairs ; Sail Shorts ; Talk about a snow job ; Results of survey report Interest high for cable TV ; EDITORIAL: Search stance stays ; Budget officials praised ; Commentary: Four years is not so long ; OU requests funds for anatomy lab ; ENTERTAINMENT ; SPORTS: Pioneers victorious at home; lose on road ; Three players walk out on Pioneer hoop squads ; Sizzling foe burns OU women cagers ; Slow start doesn't bother Gebauer ; Enforcers; Slashers win IM titles ; Hot Pistons cool off in frosty Dome ; Sail contest has a winner ; Coming Attractions ; BGSU sinks OU tankers ; New coach an asset to program ; ET CETERA: A final word ; Massacre at Beer Lake ; Village Idiot: 'Twas the day before finals ; Remember when



Budget appropriations, Tuition, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Presidential searches, O'Dowd Hall, North Foundation Hall, Hamlin Hall, Cable television