The Oakland Sail 1980-09-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


University officials criticize Tisch Amendment Tax proposals focus of conference: Election '80 Higher education ; Green Stuffs: a change of taste ; Evening shadows ; Fee use needs clarification Elevator funds under fire ; ABS seeks Congress aid to reduce deficit ; Actor-philosopher Lew Ayres: on war; the draft; and religion ; Sail Shorts: Compiled from press releases and staff reports ; EDITORIAL Tax proposals crucial to fate of higher education ; Administration mocks "advisory" committee ; Letters Meadow Brook Hall protests editorial ; Theft irks student ; Ad policy ripped ; New logo designed to boost OU image ; Dorm room burglarized ; "Gen" is a gem ; Cult classics at the Bloomfield ENTERTAINMENT; BOOKS; MOVIES; Past films offer new relevance; laughs ; SPORTS Commentary A 'typical' runner ; Coming Attractions ; Booters earn No. 1 ranking ; New women's cage coach brings 'easy-going approach' to OU ; Pioneer round-up: Women netters fall to unbeatens ; Volleyball squad wins first of year ; ET CETERA The search for the promised land: ANTICIPATION ; Village Idiot: Strangling dorm saved by crab



Presidential elections, Food service operations, Oakland Center, Ayres, Lew, 1908-1996