The Oakland Sail 1983-03-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Psy. moves to Pryale House ; Zorn wants move ; Evolution discredited ; Law declared unconstitutional: Financial aid available to resisters ; Channel 7 newscaster speaks on broadcasting ; Free meals served to seniors ; Professor of history writes his own book ; EDITORIAL: Psych move panned ; Food for thought ; AAUP disagrees ; Space is valuable to students ; Founders ignored in Greek profile article ; Loh brings research grants for engineering ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Dazzling musical debut Pippin exudes pizzazz ; Tribute a study in warmth ; Novices; pros mix in Godspell ; New who dun it a hit ; THIS WEEK'S QUIZ ; OPEN SPACE: Snow rescues days ; Creates electric sound Def Leppard gives polish ; Pick year of Film Favorites ; SPORTS: Hovland not disappointed over teams performance ; Weightlifters tired of Barbarian image ; Siblings star on judo mats ; Number one seed Williams ready ; Pioneer Weightlifters Form New Society ; I WAS HUNGRY - AND YOU FED ME



Pryale Hall, Solomon Amendment, Fisher, Rich, Bear Lake, Beer Lake, POUCH, Meal plans