The Oakland Sail 1980-09-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Festival ends season with smaller deficit ; CLB cancels plans for Pavilion concert ; Moving on ; Computer cuts energy costs ; Students campaign for political awareness ; Budget cuts keep Public Safety understaffed ; Candidates respond to questions on ERA ; Operation ID key to crime prevention ; HUD loan approved: Married housing near completion ; Sail Shorts: Compiled from press releases and staff reports ; EDITORIAL: Athletes suffer as Board drags feet ; Concert remains a promise ; Letters Security system draws student criticism ; Students gain experience from intern program ; Congress approves new budget ; Skateboarders roll on campus ; Students tour Far East; Ireland; in summer study ; Theater 'Comedy' provides laughter: The Comedy of Errors ; ENTERTAINMENT: Music: Country artists promise good time at Lepley ; New opportunities for student actors; directors ; Simon's 'Upstairs' mixes old and new ; Bilingual-bicultural concentration offered ; SPORTS: Board supports administration decision; It's official: Baseball; softball teams out ; Commentary: It's been a long time ; Question marks plague women's volleyball squad ; Senior runner reaches goals but isn't stopping there ; Women netters hold OU's only unblemished record ; ET CETERA: Fantasy games becoming new campus fad ; Village Idiot Invasion of the Killer Geese ; A touch of Autumn



Meadow Brook Music Festival, Oakland University Police Department, Married housing complex, George T. Matthews Apartments, Oakland University. Student Congress, Men's baseball, Women's softball, Oakland University. Board of Trustees