The Oakland Sail 1984-03-25

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


only four more weeks kid ; Profs critique mini-series ; High-tech construction begins ; Alcohol crackdown: Policy offenders face citations ; Guest Column 1984: An economic forcast ; The Short View ; Memorial award promotes improved race relations ; Living In the past 15 years ago this week ; EDITORIAL: Alcohol crackdown? - It's about time ; Meet the Editor ; Correction ; OTHER VOICES ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Candida goes beyond love triangle ; Comic films questionable That's not funny ; That's funny ; Group provides "Holladay" mood ; Cynicism doesn't pay ; OPEN SPACE: Is fashion slowly killing rock & roll ; SPORTS: Hartman selects Kampe as men's cager coach ; Society holds tournament Fencers take a stab at area ; Stransky's lab stresses "wellness" ; Mike Jordan Runner likes surroundings ; space invaders at OU Nova 9 attracts sci-fi fans to campus ; Ignorance - The worst handicap ; Touche!



Alcohol, Sidney Fink Memorial Award, Kampe, Greg, Exercise Physiology Lab, Nova 9, Fencing