The Oakland Sail 1980-03-10

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Village adopts dome-raising as goal ; Writer traces history of black Americans ; Injured wildlife can't be treated Lack of funds closes clinic ; EDITORIAL: The Village Project: still a dream after 13 years ; ABS questions journalistic treatment ; Professor counters letter; warns of 'Stone Age' ; Arrest by Public Safety possible lead to crime ring ; Free legal aid available to OU students ; FEATURES ; Comedy reveals backstage view of Life in Theatre ; OU logo sails sea of mystery ; OU prof wins fellowship ; Freshman ranks among best in U.S. ice dancing competition ; Tolaydo breathes life into St. Mark's Gospel ; OU's surge stifled at regionals ; Coed icers whip Spartans in twin bill ; SPORTS Nine records broken Tankers take third ; Season ends for cheerleaders ; IM field narrows to eight ; Last week's best ; Cagers halt NMU ; MY TURN ; ET CETERA Village idiot ; Teaching anyone?



Baldwin, James, 1924-1987, Meadow Brook Theatre, OU emblem