The Oakland Sail 1984-03-19



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Farmhouse faces uncertain future ; Life's labels a hindrance; says writer ; Up north with Ernest Hemingway ; Word Processing ; State budgets promise boom or bust ; Guest Column: Black Awareness Month: cultural showcase or subtle pacifier? ; BUMPY ROADS ; Living In the past 20 years ago this week ; Some 'top' students refuse mid-level jobs ; EDITORIAL: Profs should be subjects of critique ; Other Voices ; LETTERS: Ball committee urges: Don't remove flowers ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: OU senior on his way to the top ; Video music has its good and bad points ; Seminar theme: it's tough out there ; Concert is a feast for eyes and ears ; Local band is fresh and new ; Diary highlights Women's Week ; Sports Tankers take second in NCAA ; Vincent leads squad to fourth ; Valliere leaves post ; Athlete of the Week Diver competes in Division I



Dodge farmhouse, Resignations, Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961, Lichtman, Gary