The Oakland Sail 1979-10-01

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Cruising with Public Safety ; Selection committee appointed for search ; Study reveals advising pitfalls ; Takin' it to the Nukes ; lNSide ; While we were gone: Campus Update New dean appointed ; Disco fans broken up ; Bond: an old oolitician with new philosophies ; Discontent with Congress cited as resignation reason ; Better advising available now ; Advising office open to undergrads ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; LETTER WOUX defends stations format ; Watergate's Ervin to speak at Oakland ; FEATURES: Dungeons & Dragons ; Law Avers visits MBH Actor optimistic about religion ; Coordinator meets challenge of job ; OU organizations find space and relief of office indigestion ; THEATRE ; 5th of July shares hope for Vietnam memories ; books ; UP AND DOWN WITH THE ROLLING STONES THE INSIDE STORY ; Stones teeter-tottering ; Raim tastes success and yearns for more ; Kitchen Glamor classes create kitchen gourmets ; Oxford and Chaucer teaches OU student ; SPORTS: Netters trounce conference foes ; Spikers boost record to 6-2 ; Rock's KORNER: Thoughts while relaxing in the sun by Beer Lake ; MADONNA 'STIFFED' ; Harriers finish 8th in MAC tourney ; Michigan over Spartans by 7 ; Soccer team faces rugged schedule ; Intramural Scoreboard: MEN'S FOOTBALL ; collegiate crossword ; ETCETERA: Trivia ; College papers ; STUDENTS SPEAK OUT: Have you altered your lifestyle to cope with rising gasoline costs? ; Library fee raised dollars for materials



Oakland University Police Department, Presidential searches, Advising, Smoking policy, Oakland University. Student Organizations, Horwitz, Ronald