The Oakland Sail 1978-10-16

dc.contributorClausen, Mark
dc.contributorFoley, Philip
dc.contributorMorrison, Pat
dc.contributorAlderman, Stuart
dc.contributorSpears, John
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dc.contributorO'Grady, Robin
dc.contributorBriggs-Bunting, Jane
dc.contributorBurkli-Bery, Christine A.
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dc.contributorCaligiuri, Mark
dc.contributorDerrick, Scott
dc.contributorDeFrancesco, Brian
dc.contributorD'Haene, Elise
dc.contributorDeGeorge, Gail
dc.contributorDunstan, Jay
dc.contributorFortier, Daryl C.
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dc.contributorHenderson, Dick
dc.contributorKatz, Stephen
dc.contributorLenart, Susan
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dc.contributorMcGerty, Maureen
dc.contributorNietubyc, Renee
dc.contributorPavia, Carolyn A.
dc.contributorPlaque, Michael J.
dc.contributorQuackenbush, Joseph
dc.contributorRunkle, Dana
dc.contributorRobinson, Dave
dc.contributorSugar, Eric
dc.contributorTaylor, Janis Renee
dc.contributorTupper, Darcy
dc.contributorTrumper, Marilyn S.
dc.contributorWilliams, Brian A.
dc.contributorWilhelm, Kurt
dc.creatorOakland Sail, Inc.
dc.description.abstractCongress in the red; exact figure unknown ; Meters take a fall ; New drinking age debated ; Salary rebate cuts Congress' deficit ; 'Squid' aids heart research OU lab studies magnetics ; Local youngsters use OU for playground ; 'I get my ideas while walking' journalist; poet tells audience ; Fee referenda slated ; The Marshall Arts ; Letters: Not one; but three electricians ; No parking available ; Faces In The Crowd ; Furniture on the move ; collegiate crossword: Sponsored by The Bookcenter and CIPO ; Sail Review: Meadow Brook season begins with'The Devil's Disciple' ; Students Speak Out: Are you registered to vote In this election? Why? If so; will you vote? Why? ; Registered out of town? Absentee voting outlined ; Meadow Brook Art Gallery opens with a 'Return to Realism': The paintings look like real ; New Doctors ; Face Wayne State in showdown Pioneer netters a smashing success ; Pro sports briefs ; Pioneer spikers boast unbeaten record 6-0 ; Lakers edge Fitz 20-14 ; Freshman Martin Little ; Swarts paces thinclads ; Rose announces cage tryouts ; MOVIN' OUT: A guide to off-campus events ; Nightlife ; Film ; Theater ; Miscen_US
dc.publisherOakland Sail, Inc.
dc.relationThe Oakland Observer
dc.relationFocus: Oakland
dc.relationThe Oakland Post
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dc.subjectOakland University. Student Congressen_US
dc.subjectAlcohol policyen_US
dc.subjectKettering Magnetics Laboratoryen_US
dc.subjectOakland University Art Galleryen_US
dc.titleThe Oakland Sail 1978-10-16


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