The Oakland Sail 1978-10-16



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress in the red; exact figure unknown ; Meters take a fall ; New drinking age debated ; Salary rebate cuts Congress' deficit ; 'Squid' aids heart research OU lab studies magnetics ; Local youngsters use OU for playground ; 'I get my ideas while walking' journalist; poet tells audience ; Fee referenda slated ; The Marshall Arts ; Letters: Not one; but three electricians ; No parking available ; Faces In The Crowd ; Furniture on the move ; collegiate crossword: Sponsored by The Bookcenter and CIPO ; Sail Review: Meadow Brook season begins with'The Devil's Disciple' ; Students Speak Out: Are you registered to vote In this election? Why? If so; will you vote? Why? ; Registered out of town? Absentee voting outlined ; Meadow Brook Art Gallery opens with a 'Return to Realism': The paintings look like real ; New Doctors ; Face Wayne State in showdown Pioneer netters a smashing success ; Pro sports briefs ; Pioneer spikers boast unbeaten record 6-0 ; Lakers edge Fitz 20-14 ; Freshman Martin Little ; Swarts paces thinclads ; Rose announces cage tryouts ; MOVIN' OUT: A guide to off-campus events ; Nightlife ; Film ; Theater ; Misc



Parking, Oakland University. Student Congress, Alcohol policy, Kettering Magnetics Laboratory, Oakland University Art Gallery