The Oakland Sail 1983-11-14

dc.contributorTroy, Colleen
dc.contributorWaters, Robert
dc.contributorBriggs-Bunting, Jane
dc.contributorWeathers, Cliff
dc.contributorSleeman, Bill
dc.contributorKing, Lorie
dc.contributorConte, Joseph
dc.contributorGeorge, David
dc.contributorKoblin, Michele
dc.contributorAshley, Merrelyn
dc.contributorBrudzinski, Steve
dc.contributorBudry, Gary
dc.contributorCalabrese, Regina
dc.contributorDeWolf, David
dc.contributorDillon, Kelley
dc.contributorEzmerlian, Beth
dc.contributorHall, Caryn
dc.contributorHoffman, Angie
dc.contributorJoelson, J.L.
dc.contributorJordan, Mike
dc.contributorKahler, Julie
dc.contributorLaBaere, Joellen M.
dc.contributorMooty, Cindy
dc.contributorNowaczyk, Jill
dc.contributorRusso, Cary
dc.contributorSlaughter, Marquette
dc.contributorTeel, Lynn
dc.contributorTetreault, Chris
dc.contributorYolles, Elise
dc.contributorBorn, Bryan
dc.contributorDeClaire, Tim
dc.contributorKnoska, Emil Robert (Bob)
dc.contributorHomant, Mike
dc.contributorHowell, Lynn
dc.contributorKelly, Geraldine
dc.contributorManley, David
dc.contributorVerville, Michael
dc.contributorKennedy, Roberta
dc.contributorMauser, Jean
dc.creatorOakland Sail, Inc.
dc.description.abstractAnthropologist views Human rights issue ; U.S. mid-east role explained ; Dorm room robbed ; Non-policy questioned ; Sail Exclusive Insight into national past; present; future ; Bomb scare closes SFH ; Students react to Grenada invasion as thousands protest nationwide ; EDITORIAL: Apathy affects OU student body ; Other Voices ; LETTERS: Support for SAGA value ; Profs dismissal explained ; Crime costing big money ; Presidential Candidate: Bob McClory ; Peter F. Arbour: Congress Candidate ; Anthony Boganey ; Rise K.Brayton ; Kathy Carpenter ; Bill Clemens: Kim Clark ; Lonnel Coats ; Brian Crews ; John De Witte ; Ann Giacomazza ; David Jacks ; Keith William McGraw ; Charles Fisher ; Caryn M. Hall ; Colleen Ochoa ; Michael Serich ; Lynn Teel ; John Stebbins ; Greg Walters ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Former Kennedy aide provides insights into the Camelot years ; Analysis Is Schlesinger right? ; Pygmalion a comfortable; feel-good production ; Sabrina Swine - Trivia extravaganza ; EDITOR'S NOTE: Light boards highlight campus info ; New textile art exhibit at DIA ; "Uh-huh" is alright ; The video games are back again ; Pioneers; Morris Lupenec receive soccer honors ; Hartman selects harrier coach ; Victory insures berth ; SPORTS: Cardiac Kids win Can-Am ; GLIAC Media Day ; Wrestlers become national threat ; Frederick & Co. see bright future ; Lift-A-Thon successful ; Ski team awaits the snow ; Women's swim team to dip into Miami Invitationalen_US
dc.publisherOakland Sail, Inc.
dc.relationThe Oakland Observer
dc.relationFocus: Oakland
dc.relationThe Oakland Post
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dc.subjectHuman rightsen_US
dc.subjectBomb threatsen_US
dc.subjectStudent governanceen_US
dc.subjectSchlesinger, Arthuren_US
dc.subjectLight boardsen_US
dc.titleThe Oakland Sail 1983-11-14


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