The Oakland Sail 1983-11-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Anthropologist views Human rights issue ; U.S. mid-east role explained ; Dorm room robbed ; Non-policy questioned ; Sail Exclusive Insight into national past; present; future ; Bomb scare closes SFH ; Students react to Grenada invasion as thousands protest nationwide ; EDITORIAL: Apathy affects OU student body ; Other Voices ; LETTERS: Support for SAGA value ; Profs dismissal explained ; Crime costing big money ; Presidential Candidate: Bob McClory ; Peter F. Arbour: Congress Candidate ; Anthony Boganey ; Rise K.Brayton ; Kathy Carpenter ; Bill Clemens: Kim Clark ; Lonnel Coats ; Brian Crews ; John De Witte ; Ann Giacomazza ; David Jacks ; Keith William McGraw ; Charles Fisher ; Caryn M. Hall ; Colleen Ochoa ; Michael Serich ; Lynn Teel ; John Stebbins ; Greg Walters ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Former Kennedy aide provides insights into the Camelot years ; Analysis Is Schlesinger right? ; Pygmalion a comfortable; feel-good production ; Sabrina Swine - Trivia extravaganza ; EDITOR'S NOTE: Light boards highlight campus info ; New textile art exhibit at DIA ; "Uh-huh" is alright ; The video games are back again ; Pioneers; Morris Lupenec receive soccer honors ; Hartman selects harrier coach ; Victory insures berth ; SPORTS: Cardiac Kids win Can-Am ; GLIAC Media Day ; Wrestlers become national threat ; Frederick & Co. see bright future ; Lift-A-Thon successful ; Ski team awaits the snow ; Women's swim team to dip into Miami Invitational



Human rights, Theft, Bomb threats, Student governance, Schlesinger, Arthur, Light boards