The Oakland Sail 1982-09-27

dc.contributorPoulin, Marianne
dc.contributorSullivan, Larry
dc.contributorBriggs-Bunting, Jane
dc.contributorVandenhemel, Dan
dc.contributorPrimeau, Tom
dc.contributorTroy, Colleen
dc.contributorVernon, Jeff
dc.contributorConte, Joseph
dc.contributorGeorge, David
dc.contributorHall, Caryn
dc.contributorAndrews, Cheryl
dc.contributorBiondi, Paul
dc.contributorBoileau, R.M.
dc.contributorBrudzinski, Steve
dc.contributorHasspacher, Deana
dc.contributorHowes, Barbara
dc.contributorKahler, Julie
dc.contributorLewis, Scott
dc.contributorMalik, Liesa
dc.contributorMatlera, Maria
dc.contributorMauser, Jean
dc.contributorMooty, Cindy
dc.contributorSchwartz, Carol
dc.contributorSerafini, Jerry
dc.contributorSornig, Barb
dc.contributorSpiller, Peter
dc.contributordel Valle, Robert
dc.contributorDean, Dan
dc.contributorHoffman, John
dc.contributorKnoska, Emil Robert (Bob)
dc.contributorVerdoni, Klara E.
dc.creatorOakland Sail, Inc.
dc.description.abstractCongress President resigns again ; Shallow's letter of resignation ; Program comes back to life ; AHC votes down resolution ; Arab students affected by massacres ; Two sides to recent financial aid disputes ; Sympathy vs. anger over theft incident ; EDITORIAL: Plan backfires; ends in resignation ; Correction ; Congress' decision ; Question of support and Congress' ideals ; Senior needs campus job ; Students respond to bookstore incident: Shoplifting a crime ; Shoplifting results in a slap on the wrist ; Records should be private ; 'An insult' ; Kappa Alpha Psi member backs Shallow; applauds Congress' vote ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Attraction of video apparent here ; New snack hits campus ; OU students offered fruits of many nations ; OPEN SPACE: New hope for maniacs ; Kappas help kids learn ; SPORTS: OU wins with Christian ; Runners start slow ; Sneakers; a child's first love ; Pioneers beat a tough Henry Ford team ; Oakland and Indiana State end Classic in a double overtime tie ; Program's fate unknownen_US
dc.publisherOakland Sail, Inc.
dc.relationThe Oakland Observer
dc.relationFocus: Oakland
dc.relationThe Oakland Post
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dc.subjectOakland University. Student Congressen_US
dc.subjectPhysical therapy programen_US
dc.subjectArea Hall Councilen_US
dc.subjectOakland University. Financial Aid
dc.titleThe Oakland Sail 1982-09-27


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