The Oakland Sail 1982-09-27

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress President resigns again ; Shallow's letter of resignation ; Program comes back to life ; AHC votes down resolution ; Arab students affected by massacres ; Two sides to recent financial aid disputes ; Sympathy vs. anger over theft incident ; EDITORIAL: Plan backfires; ends in resignation ; Correction ; Congress' decision ; Question of support and Congress' ideals ; Senior needs campus job ; Students respond to bookstore incident: Shoplifting a crime ; Shoplifting results in a slap on the wrist ; Records should be private ; 'An insult' ; Kappa Alpha Psi member backs Shallow; applauds Congress' vote ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Attraction of video apparent here ; New snack hits campus ; OU students offered fruits of many nations ; OPEN SPACE: New hope for maniacs ; Kappas help kids learn ; SPORTS: OU wins with Christian ; Runners start slow ; Sneakers; a child's first love ; Pioneers beat a tough Henry Ford team ; Oakland and Indiana State end Classic in a double overtime tie ; Program's fate unknown



Oakland University. Student Congress, Physical therapy program, Area Hall Council, Oakland University. Financial Aid