The Oakland Sail 1984-12-10



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Students react to finals week pressure ; College enrollment drops ; Carbone appoints staff ; 'Pre-exam stress' contributes to ills ; Male PhDs still in majority in professions ; EDITORIAL: Orwell's 1984 has potential for reality ; A farewell warning Experience is key to success ; MEMORANDUM TO THE OAKLAND UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY FROM: BOB McCLORY; PRESIDENT; 1984 UNIVERSITY CONGRESS ; Features Miracle Worker touches hearts of all ; Meadow Brook decorating for majestic Christmas walk ; Lion in Winter lacks dramatic depth ; "Up With People" show to visit area ; Meadow Brook shines with Christmas splendor ; Comedian comes to Mainstage ; SPORTS: Women attack opponents with vigor ; Kampe cuts team loose to win: Pioneers capture victory at home and on the road ; FROM THE SIDELINES: It's never easy to say goodbye ; Featured athlete - Bauer leaves volleyball after successful career ; Wrestlers compete well despite loss ; "Take a break" ; Numbers Relating to Letters



Student governance, Finals week, Holiday walk, Meadow Brook Hall