The Oakland Sail 1979-08-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Faculty votes to accept contract ; Union members strike; picket OU entrances ; Triple occupancy cramps dorms ; Across the country Tuition is rising dramatically ; TUITION: Another year; and yes; another increase ; EDITORIAL: College life: A time to learn from experience ; Remember - advise is just that ; O'Dowd moving OU to maturity ; Professor dies at 72 ; FEATURES: Congress president eyes future of group ; No more Grafitti please ; Music Rhapsodies in blah ; Energy Savers ; Welcome to Oakland! ; Unusual spots around the Rochester area ; collegiate crossword ; SPORTS: OU host the Lions for fifth straight year ; Lions acquire Hunter fo strenghten offense ; Ohio native replaces Liese as new sports information director ; OU sports briefs ; Innovative academic program opens new field ; A guide to the arts at OU



Faculty contracts, Clerical technical staff, Dormitories, Residence halls, Tuition, O'Dowd, Donald D. (Donald Davy), 1927-, Oakland University. Student Congress, Detroit Lions, Industrial Health and Safety BS