The Oakland Sail 1983-02-07



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Mail-in yields shorter lines ; National problem Majors in language down ; Forensics team going strong ; Kresge dean sought ; Retiree gives gift of property ; Department suffers enrollment decline ; DEEP THOUGHT ; Victims' strengths studied ; EDITORIAL: Road signs offer new driving style ; New attitude needed ; Prejudice must be stopped ; ROTC offering training with pay ; Wealth takes priority ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Styles vary among students' bodies ; Asimov finishes his series ; Rock's satanic notes revealed ; OPEN SPACE: The last shift ; Old School still a hit ; CHAIN ; Speech fears relieved ; Hagar's best work to date ; SPORTS: Wrestlers win; take second in GLIAC ; Women lose; bounce back ; Swimmin'women down Michigan State ; Ski teams 'weather' slushy hills ; Men swimmers win; beat Kenyon ; Krawford; a team leader



Dean appointments, Kresge Library, Gifts and grants, Enrollment, ROTC, Forensics