The Oakland Sail 1984-04-02

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


DEfense; DEfense! ; Funding cuts close reading; writing center ; Service aids stress victims ; Phone-in system delayed ; Drinking laws discussed ; Students take colleges to court more often ; OTHER VOICES ; Living In the past: Ten years ago this week ; Slavic Folk Ensemble; well-traveled bunch ; EDITORIAL: Two Dems debate but silence paid off ; LETTERS: Liberal Arts is no joke ; Culture causes clash ; Gender benders ; CAMPUS: Latest college craze is no "trivial" fad ; Choir adds a personal touch ; Disney Duck celebrates 50 years ; Camelot tale told anew ; SPORTS: Camps teach skills to local athletes ; Men's tennis team starts season ; Participation grows in collegiate sports ; CLIFFS NOTES: Baseball addict awaits his summer dosage ; 'Missionaries' spread Nicaraguan policy ; 'Social role'dictates seat choice; study says ; Sex discrimination in college classroom harms women; favors men; study shows ; Computer vendors display ware



Alcohol, Rhetoric, Writing and Reading Center, Registration, Counseling