The Oakland Sail 1984-10-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Author Gives A "How-to" ; Sail Comparison shops SAGA's high prices are defended ; Nuke protestors missing the point ; Cops hold party at Fireside ; EDITORIAL: Presidency race not over just yet ; LETTERS: Symposium discussed further ; MCC Conference grateful to administration; congress ; Editor clarifies position: the Sail is in good hands ; CAMPUS LIVING: Center for Arts features Italian play ; The "Runner Stumbles" and falls ; Dutch Leonard to speak Writers Conference to draw crowd ; GROUP OF SEVEN RETURNS ROCKNE BUST TO NOTRE DAME ; COMPUTER TEACHERS ARE 'VANISHING' ; Interview with Kurt Vonnegut ; Students honored by society ; Brothers' return to vinyl is a success ; Environment affects life each option has its own advantage ; Order of Liebowitz sponsors vampire hunt ; SPORTS: Steady wins shoot soccer forward ; Netters post tough victory; defeat: League tourney this weekend ; Club manages to win in physical test of skill ; Featured Athlete ; John Brabbs ; Road losses bring Spikers back fighting ; FROM THE SIDELINES: Celebration starts wave of violence ; "Take a break": PHILOSOPHICAL PHIL ; CROSS WORD PUZZLE: FROM COLLEGE PRESS SERVICE



Food service, Vonnegut, Kurt, 1922-2007, Protests, Alcohol awareness, Writers' conference, Golden Key National Honor Society, Campus community