The Oakland Sail 1981-09-28



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OU grad suing manufacturer; Five months on the Pill results in paralysis ; Aerial rescues will aid in evacuation of dorms ; General Hospital It's soap opera fever for these students ; Judge will rule on OU case in two hearings ; Township may finish incomplete bike path ; New course lets group of students live with Indians ; Sunset Terrace will cost OU $10,000 in repairs ; EDITORIAL: OU has waited too long for outcome of lawsuit ; Students are in need of bike path on Walton ; Recent surveys disagree on political activism of students ; Veterans' Office must be kept open ; A bagnale was 'remorseful' ; Letters to the Editor ; OU students study masterpieces with computer ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS; Festival seating keeps students from "Stones" ; Nine out of ten OU students to pass up controversial concert ; Village Idiot: Job experience solves OU goose problem ; Inexpensive entertainment is abundant on campus ; SPORTS: Salary levels create new game: 'coaching roulette' ; Facelift gives swimming program new young look ; Keeping up to date ; Last week ; Maglischo ; 'Our hearts are still with Oakland' ; Jaws looking for fourth straight IM football title ; OU gains visibility; recruits OLY program brings benefits ; Arner; Morrison receive dedicated service awards



Residence halls, Sunset Terrace, Men's swimming and diving, Hovland, Pete