The Oakland Sail 1985-01-21

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Students remember civil rights leader ; Champagne attacks Blanchard's report; OU should be rated higher in education ; Woman falls at MB Theatre ; Bookcenter must reduce prices; Senate says ; Susquehanna at Oxford offers unique education ; Let's get metaphysical ; Words; language; and more ; EDITORIAL: Clinic bombings: A question of law ; MoRaLiTY QUiZ ; LETTERS: Stranded motorist gets "gypped" ; Meet the Editor ; Students can't manage money; survey charges ; Congress approves $64,000 budget ; Nominees sought for teaching award ; Features Sinbad fills Mainstage with laughter ; Starving are helped by students ; Tiring play seems artificial ; Dorms hold contest ; Chrysler finalizes tech center plans: University students to gain from Chrysler land purchase ; Word of Mouth Kinks in new release ; Getting ready to hit the ice ; SPORTS: Wrestlers pin Siena; place in Classic: Jerry Umin stands undefeated in class ; Cheerleaders fire up Pioneer spirit: Coach Renea Morgan leads with enthusiasm ; Swimmers go under Division I Purdue ; Placer Loosest test depth of team ; Women's basketball Tartars cut Pioneer winning streak short ; From the stands ; "Take a break": PHILOSOPHICAL PHIL ; CROSS WORD PUZZLE: FROM COLLEGE PRESS SERVICE



Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Champagne, Joseph E. (Joseph Ernest), 1938-, Meadow Brook Theatre, Oakland University. Senate, Oakland University. Bookstore, Oakland University. Student Congress