The Oakland Post 1991-10-23

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Urice, art students discuss possible studio closure ; Dance policy still brewing ; The big spill ; Sims expected to name search committee reps ; Wilson Hall still hugging heaters as repair crews search for second leak ; Blood drive ; Department grant ; DOE Scholarships ; Beauty and the Beast ; Students smoked out of Fitzgerald House ; Meadow Brook Health Institute sees little change ahead ; Student Congress wants to change term ; CRIME WATCH ; OUR VIEW Faculty addresses cultural diversity ; YOUR VIEW Meadow Brooks generate millions ; Healthy families key to solving today's problems ; Bad guys regularly finish first ; Rules of the road have Changed ; Engineering students preview work ; Mentors help inner-city youth ; Halloween's Coming ; Life hard for child prodigies Little Man Tate shows genius ; My Own Private Idaho not for everyone ; Mock chemical spill tests area response ; Golden Throats 2; an outrageous collection of the best of the worst ; 0U ready for football - hardly ; Fraternities get down and dirty ; Swimmers dive into new season: Pioneers experience personnel changes ; Soccer triumphs on the road against Gannon University ; Frats go splish - splash in mud ; Campus tries to unravel mascot mix of green gorilla and Fighting Sioux at U of ND ; Homecoming queen bites the dust at USC



Presidential searches, Program changes, Mentoring, Engineering, Crisis management, Greek letter societies