The Oakland Sail 1978-11-20



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress votes against removal: President found guilty twice but only 4 vote to oust ; Senate committee to look at course structure change ; Embattled sergeant resigns post ; SAGA vegetable contained 'grasshopper or cricket' ; Write-ins heat up presidential race: Fascist candidate says he's 'off the wall' ; Congress is blind says 'mad' write-in candidate ; Former EA slams write-ins ; Presidential candidates air views at press conference ; All OC locks changed after keys are stolen ; The Marshall Arts ; Sail Editorial The games Congress plays ; In our opinion: Voting on those fees ; Letters from our readers: Getting In shape? ; Blatant sexism ; Shed some light ; Delighted about Foster ; Correction - Gary Morehead ; collegiate crossword: Sponsored by The Bookcenter and CIPO ; Students Speak Out: Did you vote for Miss OU? Why? ; Married students study - somehow ; Animal House author visits ; Buying can be cheaper ; Cage coach confident ; Wolverines sink tankers ; Slashers may break every IM floor hockey record ; despite youth ; Eble finishes second ; Pro Sports Calendar ; Intramural box scores ; Aggressiveness a key for women cagers ; Men's swim team 'work like dogs' in preparation for season ; "Rock's Korner" ; MOVIN OUT: A Guide to Off-Campus Events Concerts ; Ballet ; Art ; FIlm ; Theatre ; Misc ; Ninth Miss OU crowned ; Contestants tell what Miss OU does



Oakland University. Student Congress, Oakland University Police Department, General education requirements, Married students, Miss Oakland competition