The Oakland Sail 1980-09-15



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Parking; traffic hassles annoy students ; Where East meets West New road connects campus ; Woman accosted near Hamlin Hall ; Students must pay tax under new court ruling ; Needs of rape victims main focus of seminar ; Sail Shorts: Compiled from press releases and staff reports ; New CLB chairman promises variety ; EDITORIAL: Parking problem needs new solution ; Road bridges campuses; but attitudes need repaving ; Letters Professor offers additions to 'campusese' ; Triad parking lot relit ; ENTERTAINMENT: Cosmic commentator hits home in 'Amerika' ; Movies 'Bodyguard' well worth the price ; Browne tries new styles ; OU writers win prize of learning ; "What if" ; SPORTS: New coach brings optimism to women's tennis program ; Pioneer goalkeeper one of nation's best ; OU runners finish sixth at Olivet ; GLIAC reaction to OU cutback varies ; Lupenec sparkles in 9-1 laugher ; OU coach helps out Danish cage program ; Village Idiot: Kresge Library vanishes in the night ; ET CETERA: Beer Bash



Parking, Crime, Hamlin Hall