The Oakland Sail 1982-03-29



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Shallow sees CAMP as beneficial Report winning University Congress support ; Talent time ; SUAMP proposals lead to a 'wait and see' attitude ; Congress proposes revised educational aid packages ; Computer equipment stolen; believed to be 'an inside job' ; Fitzgerald plans to be tough if elected governor next fall ; Misconceptions about ad cover up some vital facts ; EDITORIAL ; Letters ; Sports editorial called 'in bad taste' ; Reader suggests audience consideration crucial to Sail ; Corrections ; If you thought in state was cheap: Recent study proves out of state tuition cheaper ; Black fraternity stages nationwide petition for renewal of Voting Act ; Financial aid worries Fear plagues directors over Reagan's proposal ; Reagan's proposal could result in a $150 billion tax income loss ; College discovers new financial'alternative' ; 'By George' shows Gershwin's best ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Some days are just not worth the hassle ; Band wins trip to Nashville ; The Village Idiot: Angry spirit comes home to protest proposed changes in 'her' university ; 'Wait Until Dark' suspense and terror at Meadow Brook ; Sad financial plight made brighter by athletic success ; SPORTS: Athletics future is more secure due to student priorities report ; Kevin Hanson prepares for marathon run ; Health benefits urge students to run ; Intramural soccer well received by students ; Pryor's 'Live' a little dead for audience ; 'Deathtrap' captivates viewers



Efficiency, Oakland University. Student Congress, Theft, Crime, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. Department of Chemistry, Oakland University. Financial Aid, Newman, Karen (Vocalist), Meadow Brook Theatre