The Oakland Post 2015-11-04



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The Halfway Point ; this week ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; BY THE NUMBERS MOVEMBER ; Perspectives A better yOU: Composting 101: Natural process of breaking down waste is beneficial to the environment; campus and you ; UPCOMING EVENTS ; The President's Report: The 'Big 4' gather momentum ; Perspectives The Real Deal: Protecting the natural world is crucial to survival: The notion of humans being superior is outdated; the time for solidarity is now ; Perspectives Grizzlies on the Prowl: 'Is it too early to start listening to Christmas music?' ; POLICE: Another golf cart joy riding incident on campus ; Campus Gold Vibrations croons fans; serenades into victories ; A cappella group continues to perform; compete across country ; New political student org formed; students 'feeling the Bern' ; Campus Beat the flu; win the gold ; OU hopes to bring home the trophy for most vaccines given ; Oak View wrestles with new building hiccups: Disabled elevator leads to many frustrated students ; Campus OU hires chief operating officer to handle leadership roles on campus ; Campus Debating in another country's shoes: Model UN students prepare for annual conferences to test their debating skills ; Life Grizzly submits to Sundance: OU alumnus; now teacher submits own film created with students to festival with high hopes ; Student group organizes antiPlanned Parenthood protest ; The second-half stretch: How to stay relaxed; focused during the rest of the fall semester ; Behind the scenes of 'A Christmas Carol': Meadow Brook Theatre's historical; popular production begins ; Puzzles ; the mix ; WHAT'S HAPPENING IN NOVEMBER? ; YAKS of the WEEK: Yik Yak: The voice of the people ; TOP TUNES: WXOU albums of the week ; Sports Update on Horizon League standings ; THE BLITZ ; Swimming ; WOMEN'S SOCCER TOURNAMENT QUICK FACTS ; Sports Golden Grizzlies score; clinch senior night ; Oakland men's; women's soccer teams showcase strength by winning games against Youngstown; Valparaiso ; Sports Oakland exhibits talent against Adrian: Transfer players shine in their Golden Grizzly debut ; Sport Running straight into the record books: Oakland makes Horizon League history by winning league titles in both men's; women's cross country



Kunselman, Scott, Gold Vibrations, Oak View Hall, Influenza, United Nations