The Oakland Sail 1982-01-25

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


27 university employees affected: Payroll snafu puts administration on 'hot seat' ; New computer man will upgrade system ; Storm damage exceeds $10,000 ; Cuts in funding prompt alternative action Colleges flirt with tuition based on popularity ; New chartered OU organization geared toward women engineers ; Search continues for public relations post ; 'Small' payroll error costs university money and crucial employee loyalty ; EDITORIAL ; LETTERS: Student feels history of MBH is important ; Idiot trips into space O'Dowd Hall takes off ; Sorry - no room for Jello ; Cross country crazies ; White works of cold art ; CAMPUS LIVING - WINTER CARNIVAL ; Teams pull together in tug of war ; Bunnies take Bowl ; Ski Slalom ; It looked easy enough ; Miggles & Magee ; Need for full time SID only half the problem ; Comning Attractions ; SPORTS ; Women add another win ; Lady Pioneers to challenge Detroit ; U of D game to be broadcast ; Early start helped cager Barnard's career ; Men drop two in league ; Tankers defeat Wright ; Women manage to tie ; Cincinnati Bengals run up 'super' bill ; Sophpmore business student wins Miss Silverdome title



Payroll, Storm damage