The Oakland Sail 1983-11-07

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Contract expires: professor dismissed ; Soviets forced into nuclear escalation ; Drugs meant for losers says ex-cop; ex-junkie ; GUEST COLUMN: Reasons weak for island invasion ; Island invasion affecting many ; EDITORIAL: Questions about pending dismissal ; Other Voices ; LETTERS: Re-seeding a wasted effort ; Self-importance realized ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS Women's studies program offered in winter term ; DIA adds a new photograph gallery ; Film society offers a movie alternative ; "Right Stuff" has it all ; English class holds a royal like feast ; SPORTS: Soccer team headed for playoffs ; Participation stressed for fundraiser ; Athletes to be tested for drugs ; Spikers falling back in old stride ; Cagers begin season with hope ; Tankers looking for number one ; Tennis team looks to future ; Band's views varied ; Sabrina Swine Trivia extravaganza ; Laurel Toby ; Michael Kenny ; Politics taint amateur sport ; Arab-Israel relations discussed



Toma, David, Faculty contracts, Sidewalks, Women's studies, Reappointments, Pathways