The Oakland Post 1992-06-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


De Carlo appointed to a new position ; Interim explains expense account ; MBT faces more problems ; Tuition goes up: 8.38 percent increase for undergraduates ; Barnes & Noble will control Bookcenter ; Sunset Terrace a challenge: Renovation not complete yet ; General Ed classes hard; easy on GPA ; Former president's home sold ; New equipment provides new research ; Dean of nursing may be named ; Squirrel Road widening begins ; Board approves AP salary increase ; Graduates receive awards ; MBT wins drama awards ; OUR VIEW Students lose; De Carlo gains ; Prof says UMOJA not negative ; Incinerator plan belongs in trash ; Make education accessible to inner city: National View ; Man basher makes an exception ; MBMF starts under new management ; Student theater publicist; Tony Stroh adds modeling to his career repertoire ; 5,000 cram spring classes; forego fun; vacations; jobs ; Student volunteers help rebuild Detroit neighborhood ; Graduation seals LOVE connection for two OU students ; Calendar ART ; CONCERTS ; THEATER ; Summer movies sizzle and fizzle ; Realism and humor add splash to WaterDance ; Encino Man reeks of a pubescent plot ; Action flick falls into a typical ending ; Latest Releases Story telling makes for good music ; Different musical styles could be a turn off ; Yanni provides an escape ; Metal; rap mix for out of control sound ; Sea of depression loses songs ; Blended songs makes a solid attempt



De Carlo, John, Tuition rates, Meadow Brook Theatre, Sunset Terrace, Barnes and Noble, Squirrel Road widening, Meadow Brook Music Festival