The Oakland Post 1991-04-15

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Meadow Brook loses 3 concerts ; Red Cross calls blood drive a success ; Committee asks departments for cultural guidelines ; An artistic touch ; Two OU professors; student; to address Dallas conference ; New discoveries on bacteria to be discussed ; Trustees hear affirmative action report ; New Graham physician calls for student awareness ; Tornado Safety Week ; Crime Watch ; Date rape handled poorly; too frequent ; The New World Order ; Those who cannot see; write face barriers ; Letters to the Editor Student life staff has extensive backround; training ; We expect and demand factual reporting; accurate quotes ; Student apathy strikes again ; Animals aid eye institute research ; Collectors choose prints ; Local official enters university: Crissman takes newswriting to understand media ; Students borrow; work part time; full time; split time: Costs make one or more jobs necessity for college students ; Job may be controversial but stripping pays for student's college education ; Hate; bigotry; racism need confrontation ; Give Foreman more credit ; Holyfield's mistake ; Baseball team snaps losing streak ; Senior slugger tries to lead by example: Szpak teaches young team patience ; Swimmer of Year reaps rewards of hard work ; PIONEER TRAILS ; Do THE WRITE THING



Affirmative action, Diversity programs, Animal research