The Oakland Sail 1986-01-27

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Suspect denies attack on Hamlin student ; Rising liability; medical costs could close on-campus clinic ; $86,000 approved Congress passes 1986 budget ; "I HAVE A DREAM" ; Sign-up drive begins for professors to turn selves in to AIA ; A breast cancer cure? New drug tested in biology lab ; Former journalism instructor killed in helicopter crash ; EDITORIAL: New alcohol policy restrictive on rights ; Letters to the Editor: Panel criticism spurs response; Professor satires 'Sail' opinions ; Shrewd editorial was delightful ; Professor defends monitoring group Karasch guilty of AIA's charges ; Gang rape violence linked to fraternity parties; study shows ; Shake; roll and rattle? ; Off-campus housing shortage causes long term problems for OU students ; KING ; University pays homage to King during holiday ; FEATURES: Grades important to some employers but not others ; Honors students clinch Carnival College Bowl ; Popularity grows for Greek groups ; Work supports students; creates many hardships ; Saga meals receive stamp of approval ; SPB movie admission helps pay for expenses ; New weapon to protect women from rape a shocker ; Auditions to be held for local play ; Procrastinators can seek help from new counseling sessions ; Program in Oxford studies offers travel ; Clubs gather at spree to get new members ; Winter can bring health; auto hazards ; SPORTS: Team mired in slump Women fall to G. Valley ; Swimmers register long-distance win ; Lakers drop Pioneers to 3-5 in conference play ; League title slips away from Howze ; 1-2-3 Pull! ; Oakland fencers record pair of wins at meet ; Trivia quiz



Crime, Oakland University. Student Congress, Budgets, Student housing, Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Greek letter societies, Food service operations