The Oakland Observer 1968-11-08



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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE: AGAINST THE SYSTEM ; WITHIN THE SYSTEM ; NEWS SHORTS: Speaker on Linguistics ; Parents' Day at OU ; Public Service from The Observer ; Flag at Half-Mast ; Oakland Love-In ; Noted Black Historian on Campus ; "ASIAN MAN AND ASIAN ART" ; Summer Sessions ; MEADOWBROOK PRESS INTERVIEW ; The Tramp is Coining; A Rallye on Foot ; WHAT'S HAPPENING ON CAMPUS ; ACTS ; AT THE MOVIES ; Leonard Bernstein as Pioneer ; Sound Track of "Revolution" A Mixed Bag of Sounds ; Bartok and Chopin Featured ; S.E.T. Performs Anti-Musical ; EDITORIALS: Recommendation to Board ; Observer Supports Meadowbrook Press ; Hare Misleading-Polls Safe ; Repressive Strategy Discussed ; Films Tour Shape SDS Election Day ; GIRLS SWIM Two Meets Remain ; SPORTS: K. College Falls to OU ; I.M. Football Hamlin #1 Rolls to Title



Meadowbrook Press, Students for a Democratic Society, Clatworthy, James, Morse, Donald