The Oakland Sail 1983-10-24

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Weather Report ; Blood drive goal set at 800 pints ; Stake out leads to student arrest ; Eye research facility will add 3,000 sq. ft. to Dodge Hall ; Health Center warns: It's strep throat season ; The Human Eye ; Petition advocates nuclear awareness among faculty ; EDITORIAL: People making victims of selves ; Other Voices ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS R.O.T.C. students spend week end at Camp Grayling learning skills ; T.V. 2 anchor person says "be yourself" ; OU Greeks host 2nd annual Parents' Day ; Plant's latest sets him apart ; OPEN SPACE: History is O.K. ; Despite loss; soccer team shines ; SPORTS: V-ballers play impressively at Schoolcraft tournament ; Touch football brings out very spirited competition ; Harriers to finish low Mediocre season runs self down ; Future remains bright for tankers ; Congressman's son lecturing ; Excellence awards given by Trustees ; Sabrina Swine Trivia extravaganza ; More funding approved ; Swimmers step out One; two; three - kick; two; three



Arrests, Eye Research Institute, Dodge Hall, Arms race, ROTC, Budgets