The Oakland Sail 1986-11-24

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


WOUX plans proposal for broadcasting locally; will present to trustees ; 50-signature standard to get on Congress ballot remains ; Public Safety seizes knives belonging to VW resident ; Privileges theater gives patrons offend users of northwest lot ; Little lasting effect of AIA; professors say ; Unpaid tickets cost more money ; Seminar to address effects of tax laws ; Public Safety hires new officer ; EDITORIAL: Group earns laughter when praise deserved ; Letters to the Editor: Administration problems for residence halls philosophical ; Computer registration well-organized; university must be deceiving students ; Letters to the Editor Policy ; FEATURES: Transsexuals share concerns; life stories ; Letters against torture: Write-a-thon success ; Dorm students voice complaints in survey ; Open Space: Student meets Peace Marchers in Washington D.C.; says enlightening experience ; History Club hosts speaker; advertises event in unique style ; Comedian keeps his jokes clean ; SPORTS: Soccer team slips by Gannon; bound for NCAA semi-finals ; College sports harder; say freshmen athletes ; Spartans sink Tankers at Lepley ; Lady Pioneers end year with rout of Soo Lakers; take 5th place in league ; Commentary: If dogfighting is too cruel to be legalized; then so is boxing ; Ski team to meet ; Player-of-the- Week: Brian Fitzgerald



Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Parking, Meadow Brook Theatre, Accuracy in Academia, Transgender