The Oakland Sail 1986-01-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


The long and winding line ; 10,000 expected in first week Bookcenter prepares for 20,000 students ; Board of Trustees approves resolution against S. Africa ; Study indicates increase in number of professional majors ; Academic freedom subject of two-day seminar; director from AIA to attend ; History professor receives National Endowment for Humanities award ; PCS office offers job-hunting seminars ; Report says headphone wearers are really lonely ; EDITORIAL: Carnival festivities are seldom noticed ; Letters to the Editor: Two alumni give three cheers for professor monitoring group ; All experience with SAGA food Coach clarifies SAGA statement ; ABS will pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ; Public Safety has peaceful vacation without students ; Recruiting officers to hold interviews ; FEATURES: Coordinators hope for success Winter carnival to be held ; Beat the winter blues with skis ; New Year resolutions meaningless for some ; SPB offers winter film series ; Meadow Brook's' Angel Street' on target ; Student fantasizes campus subway system ; Relief offered for New Year's Eve hangover sufferers ; Nominations for outstanding AP's being accepted ; SPORTS: Ferris State cools off hot Pioneers 94-78 ; New year starts on down note for women cagers ; Howze assaults record books ; Michigan easily wins dual meet U-M too tough for Pioneers ; Trivia quiz ; TAKE A BREAK: THE GRUMPS Get a DIVORCE! ; THE UP SIDE OF EXPLICIT ROCK LYRICS



Oakland University. Bookstore, South Africa, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Karasch, Mary, Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Winter Carnival