The Oakland Sail 1981-04-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


20 percent tuition hike possible OU looks to consolidation for next year ; Former coach says race was factor in firing ; Final Postures ; Another Arts' dean prospect identified ; Job hunting: a rocky road for grads ; Officials blame 'carelessness' for sixth dorm fire ; Invalidation possible Craig wins by 21 in ABS election ; Sail Shorts: OU bids farewell to two charter faculty members ; EDITORIAL: Staff; students must work together on fire safety ; Letters PIRGIM also working on rape awareness ; Honors recipients recognized ; Thanks all for Casino Night ; Barowner's advice is backed by diploma ; Residence Halls Judicial board begun ; ENTERTAINMENT: OU Dance Theatre presents "state of the art" ; Studio production tempts fate ; SPORTS: Bob Van Winkle Sports Editor Athletics improving but problems remain ; Stability; progress are new themes for OU athletics ; Former Hillsdale runner is new cross country coach ; Country music concert to benefit scholarship fund ; OU cage program lands Catholic League standout ; Women's golf meeting scheduled ; Crown is second straight Vondrasek wins U.S. judo title ; OU tennis team back 'at ground zero' in '81 ; ET CETERA: Campus Quips OU; it's been really good to know you ; Village Idiot Robin Hood: looking out for student interests ; Moving into O'Dowd Hall



Budget cuts, Tuition, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences, Hamlin Hall, Fires, Oakland University. Office of the President. Athletics, O'Dowd Hall