The Oakland Sail 1987-03-09

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Dorm resident claims shooting occurred after failed drug deal ; Aye; sir ; Racial gripes voiced to school administrators at Congress input forum ; Congress approves formation of committee to find solutions to student housing crunch ; Truck blows its top ; Student arraigned in theft of Sweet Sensations cigarettes ; Minority enrollment lagging ; Campus crime committed by outsiders; Leonard says ; Letters to the Editor: Black students' rights being chiseled away ; Greeks blast Sail article Story told only negative side ; Sorority member's quote misused ; Candidates for CC express goals; views ; FEATURES: Students travel to escape from hectic schedules ; Comedian warmly received ; MBT's spy drama's action lies in dialogue ; Sail retracts article ; Speaker claims media bias against blacks ; Meadow Brook Ball possesses rich history ; SPORTS: Pioneers head west for title meet ; Last minute loss to Lake Superior hard to swallow ; Women's team defeats Lake Superior State by using its defenses well ; Commentary: Athletics on the rise at OU ; Player-of-the- Week Mike Nation



Race relations, Diversity, Crime, Drugs, Student housing, Spring break