The Oakland Sail 1983-11-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Analyst predicts cuts; higher tuition ; Legislation may attract teachers ; Aid cuts have little effect on private school enrollment ; Grad asst. fired for offering gay forum ; Financial aid offered to students Bill may attract health care to state ; Business oriented students causing course overloads ; EDITORIAL: Let's not forget the day before ; Other Voices ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS "Night Music" a fun; well-crafted operetta ; OPEN SPACE: After "The Day After" ; Poets unite! The Idlers are trying it again ; Townshend's music okay on its own ; Sabrina Swine - Trivia extravaganza ; Diversions ; SPORTS: Men cagers whip U-M Dearborn ; Cliff's Notes: Student apathy goes past the athletic arena ; Men tankers drown Michigan State ; Ladies dunk Dearborn ; Volleyball squad receives honors ; Commuter Council Communication: I.M. sports picking up ; Ideas welcomed by 'road scholars' ; President's notes Council heavily involved ; Meetings set for food service ; MAIN CAMPUS OF OAKLAND UNIVERSITY ; Treasurer reports ; Swimmer qualifies for NCAA



Financial aid, Commuter Council