The Oakland Sail 1980-10-27



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Educator seeking state board position ; Investment policy still up-in-the-air ; Headlee still supports "D" Panel discusses Tisch cuts ; Carter camp faces test of re-election: Campaign '80 ; Ronald Reagan still runs on past positions ; Anderson: a candidate with ideas ; Congress passes guidelines for campaigns; elections ; EDITORIAL: John Anderson - the only positive choice ; Letters Intramural schedule annoys student ; Rally participators thanked ; Cable corrected ; Idiot insulting ; Pre-osteopathic society formed ; ENTERTAINMENT: New LP proves 'The Boss' is best; Times Square takes a big dive ; Commentary Colleges should try three-pointer ; Third straight Jaws wins IM football title ; Pryale takes softball crown ; Netters second in conference ; Oskey leads booters to easy win ; Wroblewski sparks net squad ; Runners first in cross invite ; ET CETERA: Dancer offers advice on ballet techniques



Presidential elections