The Oakland Sail 1982-10-11



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Faculty turns down contract proposal ; Fountain fashion? ; Arsonist blamed for campus blazes ; Congress votes in Simpson ; Union members have different ideas on contract ; AACSB accreditation sought ; Colleges to be linked by cable system ; Mini-station opens in Hamlin ; Road trip ends ; EDITORIAL: Unions protect man ; Behind the Financial Aid scene ; Remember Munich ; Unfair cut-off ; Sail's good coverage ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Grads get jobs but aren't always happy ; New challenge to students ; A look behind the Great Wall Students travel to the Far East ; DIVERSIONS ; Meadow Brook opens with Macbeth ; Students can save on books ; OPEN SPACE ; No more free loaders - Tigers sent to Siberia ; SPORTS: Oakland ties Eastern Illinois; 1-1 ; Spikers Capture Three matches ; Joggers find room to run ; No luck for Oakland ; SAFE ; Intramural Program starts ; GET READY ; Netters shaping up ; Fall Sports ; Station ; Building a "Doll House"



AAUP contracts, Contract negotiations, Unions, Crime, Fires, Oakland University. Student Congress, Oakland University. School of Business Administration, Accreditation, Oakland University Police Department, Hamlin Hall, Meadow Brook Theatre