The Oakland Sail 1984-02-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Truck Garden ; Demand for accountability elects GOP candidates ; Anchor downplays glamor; leans heavily on hard work ; Pinkstaff receives board certification ; Prof. earns place In Who's Who ; Guest Column Reagan's policies a plus for women ; News Analysis More support for Reagan ; EDITORIAL: Grads fear future ; Other Voices: SHOULD THERE BE OTHER ETHNIC AWARENESS MONTHS? ; Limit quotation marks to direct quotes only ; Meet the Editor ; Sail places first 82-83 ; Engineering: an integral part of auto racing success ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: A simple way to get in touch with self ; Print show enhances legend ; Ethnic club seeks members with ideas ; OPEN SPACE: At a loss for words about the Beatles ; Stones rock like before ; SPORTS: Cagers send Bulldogs to pound ; Mecoli leaves team Women defeat Northwood ; Men win handily ; Kenyon loss fails to dampen spirit ; Joel's latest tour a calculated risk



Eubanks, Dayna, Goldstein, Robert, American Society of Mechnical Engineers, Ethnic Club