The Oakland Sail 1983-09-19



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Hormone specialist will discuss research at China seminar ; Drug treatment available ; Kresge Dean chosen ; Freshman requirement: own personal computer ; EDITORIAL: Price too high for experience ; Other Voices: Is there a parking problem at OU? ; LETTERS: Dorm dwellers no dummies ; Black students' scores improving ; Ethics advocated ; Parking means problems ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Student dancer wins big on coast; brings back home prizes and gifts ; Break from summer routine Army life isn't so hard ; 'Bridegroom' a big success ; OPEN SPACE: "I like it here" ; D.I.A. focuses on 19th century art; and crafts ; Attention Pre-Professional Students ; need positions filled for O.I.S. ; Diversions CALENDAR ; University to drop 'Pioneers' ; SPORTS: Pioneers win second straight game ; V-ballers finish respectably at invite ; Intramural season opens ; Steroid controversy unfolds ; Harriers begin with new coach ; Women's tennis team starts on the comeback journey ; Delgado barred from play ; CLIFF'S NOTES: What's in a name? ; Two cagers represent country ; Come on out and see some real volleyball ; MBT offers discount tickets



Kresge Library, Drug abuse program, Frankie, Suzanne O., Moudgil, Virinder K., Computers, Parking, Name changes, Steroids