The Oakland Sail 1985-02-11

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Author Alex Haley encourages others to find their "Roots" ; Two Detroit men arrested; Visitors break Hamlin window ; New requirements for arts and science majors ; Champagne proposes action on higher education report ; Cassette players should be selected with care; skill ; Dodge farmhouse to be renovated ; Sleep-in; demonstration planned: Students protest all-female dorm proposal ; EDITORIAL: Sail defends against abusive accusations ; LETTERS: Student angered by articles ; Meet the Editor ; Let's get metaphysical ; Features: Refreshing music from Fast Tracks ; Shag Shoppe stylist doesn't just cut hair ; Play addresses racial issues ; Adjustments confronts social problems ; Student settles into a university lifestyle ; SPORTS: Basketball bounces back in league ; Lake Superior snatches championship victory ; Pioneers dunk Bulldogs; prepare for championships ; Knuth adds sparkle to OU starting lineup ; Students petition for more weight room time ; No more Mr. Nice Guy - Kampe ; "Take a break"



Haley, Alex, Hamlin Hall, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences, Dodge farmhouse, Residence halls